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Traveling Exhibits

Celebrate the Day With Quilts an Art Quilt Challenge

Fifty-three artists from seven states made 72 amazing quilts celebrating some of the random, less well-known holidays that occur throughout the year. The artists had a great time creating quilts for National Bird Day, Learn More About Butterflies Day, Bubba Day and many others. Some chose serious days while others chose to be silly, many of them had personal connections to the particular day they chose. They used a wide variety of techniques and created some awesome quilts. This exhibit made its debut in March 2014.

This exhibit retired in July 2016.

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Creating Children's Artwork Quilts

This collection of approximately 40 quilts were all made using children's artwork as inspiration. The early pieces my children actually painted or drew right on the fabric, as they lost interest in participating I chose to recreate the images as close to the originals as possible. As time passed and my quilting techniques increased I still found myself inspired by my three daughters early artwork. I started using some of it as inspiration to create larger pieces, combining multiple pieces of artwork to create some fun new fiber art pieces that will definitely stand the test of time unlike the scraps of paper they began as. This exhibit made its debut in March 2013.

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Get Creative With Quilt Labels

Every quilt tells a story... Who made it and why? When was it made? What inspired the quilt? A well-designed label answers those questions and enhances the quilt as well.
Labeling my quilts was always a chore. Now I have more fun creating simple, yet inspiring labels. See how your quilt’s style and story can inspire the label, and discover why you should label your quilts.

This exhibit shares some of the quilts and labels featured in my second book, Let's Get Creative With Quilt Labels.

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Two of these exhibits are available to travel.
All expenses are the responsibility of the group/facility booking the exhibits.
Contact me if you have questions or are interested in booking one of the exhibits.

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