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Lectures, Trunk Shows, PowerPoints

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An Eclectic Mix - Trunk Show

I will share with you my quilts since 1989 and some of the lessons I have learned along the way. I started as a mainly self -taught traditional quilter, machine piecer and hand lap quilter. Over the years I started taking technique classes to understand how quilters were creating the wonderful art quilts I was seeing at shows. I have always been eclectic in other areas of my life and quilting is no different. I now use any technique from my toolbox to achieve the end result…a beautiful unique quilt.

This is my most popular trunk show because it shares some of all the styles of quilts I make! Quilts inspired by childrens artwork, incorporating vintage needlework, art quilts, traditional, creative quilt labels...there is sure to be something to interest everyone in your group.

Creating Children's Artwork - Trunk Show

Based on my first book Creating Children’s Artwork Quilts

Working with children's artwork has always brought me a lot of pleasure. Often these precious pieces of art do not stand the test of time. Let me share with you the products, tools, and techniques I use to create these works of fiber art and share many of my projects with you. Children love seeing their work recreated!

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From Photos to Fabric - Powerpoint and Trunk Show (guild to supply projector, etc)

Let me share with you over 25 quilts that I have designed. They are made with a variety of techniques but all of them were inspired by my own photographs. I will briefly... Explain the steps I have taken to get from the photograph to the pattern. Share explanations of the tools, products and techniques I have used over the years. Answer questions from the audience in the effort to inspire others to try working from a photograph of their own to create a fiber art piece.

Let’s Get Creative with Quilt Labels - Powerpoint and Trunk Show (guild to supply projector, etc)

Based on my second book Let’s Get Creative With Quilt Labels -

In this presentation, I will cover reasons to label your quilts, information to put on the labels, techniques and tools I use to make my labels, and of course many samples of various kinds of labels you can make for your own quilts. Every quilt deserves a label, let's get creative and have some fun doing it!

A Certain Charm - Trunk Show

Quilting with vintage needlework is something I have always loved to do. Vintage pieces have a certain charm you cannot recreate. It's also a great way to get those special pieces you inherited out of the closet where they can be enjoyed Let me share with you a variety of projects I have created over the years. I started out buying orphan quilt blocks and practicing my skills on small wall hangings. I now collect any vintage textiles to create my pieces with. I enjoy the challenge of working with all of the flaws and limitations the pieces appear to have.

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Shannon Shirley
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